Break into the games industry with Sumo Digital Rising Star

Sumo Digital Rising Star - Student game dev challenge

Sumo Digital Rising Star is one of the industry’s biggest games development challenges for students who are not yet in their final year of university. The series has students create their own games, art assets, animations or visual effects. Students who make it to the final round will have a chance to win an interview with a leading games development studio for an internship!

If you’re a final year or Masters student, please see our companion challenge series offering job interviews with leading studios: Search For A Star.

The challenge seriesSearch for a Star VFX

We’ve worked with leading studios all over the world to bring you this year’s Search for a Star. Our industry judges have created a number of briefs to challenge and test your skills, giving you the perfect opportunity to show these guys what you’re capable of.

The competition consists of five categories which you can enter: games programming, 3D character art, 3D environment art, 3D animation, and VFX. Each category has its own briefs and, where applicable, concept art donated by the industry.

The format 

We want to prepare you for your future career; that’s why our challenge series has been split into components designed by industry experts to mirror a typical games industry recruitment process.

We’ve got a number of great industry partners with us this year, which means we’re happy to say that all students who register for Search for a Star this year will be able to take part in both the Skills Assessment and the Dev Project! You’ll have even more opportunity to show the judges what you can do!

Stage 1 : The Skills Assessment: A HackerRank C++ test for programmers or a portfolio assessment submission for artists;

Stage 2 : The Dev Project: Programmers create their very own game which can be taken in any direction they see fit, while artists create a game-ready asset packet to industry briefs. You can check out what last year’s winners created here;

The Interview: Outstanding students will be invited to our Finals Day Showcase Event to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to a panel of industry experts.

For more detailed information on what each challenge involves for each category, see below:Search For A Star Jake Missing 1

Search for a Star Character Art

Search for a Star Environment Art

Search for a Star 3D Animation

Search for a Star Games VFX 

Search for a Star Code 

What’s in it for you?

  • Winners get the chance for an internship interview with leading game development studios;
  • Win big prizes donated by the industry, including games, software and gear!
  • Develop a games project using a real brief and have your work seen by members of industry;
  • Build your portfolio and improve skills with feedback from professionals in your field;
  • Experience interview panels with judges from the industry, including big names such as Sumo Digital and TT Games;
  • Get your skills showcased in front of some of the industry’s leading games studios and make a big impression!

Registration for Sumo Digital Rising Star 2019 has now closed.