Graduate Audio Programmer

Graduate Audio Programmer – Cambridge 

We’re proud to be working with a studio that have been developing standout AAA video games across a range of genres for decades. With millions of sales across their diverse and critically acclaimed games portfolio, they’re now in a position to self-publish and aim to put themselves, as well as the games industry as a whole, at the forefront of the world’s entertainment industry.

Grads In Games are looking for an energetic Graduate Audio Programmer to join their audio team in Cambridge. You will be working with real time systems that translate in-game action into beautiful audio, and will get to focus on code quality and performance along with implementing innovative audio solutions.

Required Skills

  • Ability to write clear C++
  • Careful consideration given to runtime performance of code
  • Good  listening skills and sonic awareness
  • Experience with game audio engines such as Wwise

Unfortunately we are only able to consider applications which meet the above requirements at this time.

Why you should apply:

If you want to be apart of a team that focuses on creating amazing audio and receive mentoring and guidance from some of the best in the industry, then this could be the role for you!

Interested? Contact Sharan Bassi at or on 01709 834777.


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Work with real time systems to translate in-game action into beautiful audio