Junior UI/VFX Artist

We’re working with a studio who have already dominated the Chinese mobile-game market with their games that aim to connect communities across borders, languages and cultures. They’re now looking for their next challenge with the opening of their new central Edinburgh-based studio.


This studio is looking for a Junior Artist who will work with the Art Director and Designers to develop VFX/UI that fit the overall look and art style of the game. They will be responsible for providing and implementing production quality VFX/UI for everything from explosions to the game HUD and menus



  • An excellent understanding of VFX and UI in Unity
  • A good understanding of implementing UI and VFX systems on the mobile platform


Desired VFX Art Skills:

  • Create, design, or import and implement real-time particle effects using both static and animating 2D/3D elements
  • Place effects throughout levels and cinematics
  • Create simulations for gameplay elements


Desired UI Artist Skills:

  • A strong background in UI design; you’ve worked on at least one shipped title for a significant period of its development and know Photoshop and Illustrator like the back of your hand
  • Player-centered approach to UI design
  • Fluency in current design and typographical trends, with a keen eye for composition, clarity and usability


Unfortunately we are unable to consider applications which don’t meet the above requirements at this time.


Why you should apply:

Take the opportunity to join a growing studio who strive for play-ability and provide an exciting game experience for all their players!


Interested? Contact Sharan Bassi at Sharan@aswift.com or on 01709 834777.