Get In The Game @ UTC Sheffield

Equipped with brightly coloured pens and yoyos our graduate team headed to UTC Sheffield, a high-tech college for students aged 14 to 19.

Cbb6V-EXIAAg1VtOne thing we’re passionate about at Grads in Games is nurturing young talent and encouraging students to look into the games industry as a career. So we chatted with students about why they should consider getting into games, and how they can go about doing it.

Offering tuition in computing and coding, UTC Sheffield is full of talented young techies, eager to put their skills to good use! Our Graduate Recruitment Consultant Ben Milnes passed along his knowledge of the industry to the students, giving them detailed information about essential skills they will need. He also gave advice about further study and particular courses that would give them a better chance of succeeding in the industry.

At Grads in Games we love meeting with so many young people who are passionate about technology and keen to get into the games industry, and we sure have high hopes for the UTC Sheffield bunch!

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