Search For A Star 2016 – Round 2 Qualifiers

The results are in for Round 1, with our team of judges whittling down 600 entrants to just 160 qualifiers.

The University of Central Lancashire, Abertay University and Goldsmiths University of London have turned out the more coders, while the biggest share of artists comes from the University of Hertfordshire. In fact, the latter has produced 11 per cent of the overall participants. And, unlike previous years, there is significant presence from European graduates, with more than 20 qualifiers hailing from both NHTV and Howest.

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Huge thanks to the team behind the development and assessment of Round 1 :

Jim Brown & Scott Homer at Epic Games
Peter Harrap & David Blewett at Sumo Digital
Kelvin Janson & Sean-Ray Pugh at Playground Games
Thad Frogley & Jay Green at Boss Alien
Lizi Attwood & Ross Mansfield at Furious Bee
Jason Fielder
Greg Booker, Dylan Beale & Alex Clarke at Edge Case Games
Liz Paton at Tarnished Studios

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