SFAS & RS 2016 Games Directory

Record number of games published as part of this year’s competition, from 40 students across 25 universities.

For 2016 our Search for a Star & Sumo Digital Rising Star applicants created 40 Windows 10 Universal Apps using Unity, which they published to the Windows 10 store.

Given just a very basic prototype and two weeks to develop and publish a game, our entrants went in a variety of directions with their games project ideas, with space shoot-’em-ups, exploration adventures, physics puzzlers and more.

In our 2016 games directory you can find all the games produced for the Search for a Star &  Sumo Digital Rising Star competitions, free for you to download and play on any Windows 10 device!

Games Directory

Search for a Star 

Andreea-Tamara Tanasescu – Heriot-Watt University: It’s A Plane!

Daniel Reynolds – UCLAN: Desert Blaster

David Han – Sheffield Hallam University:  Rhythm Blaster

Guntran Hoet – Howest University: Imperial Invaders

Hanting Xie, University of York: The Last Line of Defense

Hayley Ashby – Oxford Brookes University: Geometry Invaders

Jean-Pascal Evette – Goldsmiths, University of London: Guardian Space Fighter

Jessie Thomson – University of Manchester: BattleInSpace

Leo Vansteenkiste – Howest University: Life of Butler

Lewis Nicholson – Northumbria University: Bounce Ball Game

Martin Mihov – University of Bristol: Energon 

Maurice Heiljligers – NHTV Breda, University of Applied Sciences: 2DSpaceShooter

Mindaugas Kadzys – Gamercamp: Shooty Space

Pablo Armando Rodríguez Codes – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid: GeoArcade

Sam Cipolat – University of Hull: Space-Attack

Yan Knoop – NHTV Breda, University of Applied Sciences: Air Guns
Winner of Search For A Star 2016

Sumo Digital Rising Star

Aaron Smith – Staffordshire University: TheSubmarineConquest1

Adam Wood – University of Hull: Spaceship Invasion

Alan Yeats – Abertay University: Space Timer Runner

Aleksis Andzans – Southampton Solace University: Shooting Things In Space

Amar Singh-Saggu – University of Birmingham: Tiny Submarine

Ben Crawford – Staffordshire University: Row Drop 

Beren Kusmenoglu – University of East Anglia: Galactic Journey

Bogdan Muresan – Anglia Ruskin University: The Last Invasion

Denis Savosin – Bournemouth University: SFAS2016 Denis Savosin Game

Jack Spink – Sheffield Hallam University: Planet Gunner

Jimmy Koene – NHTV Breda, University of Applied Sciences: Guardian of the Exosphere

Joshua Hale – Abertay University: LIGHTGUARD

Mark Andrew Ropper – Abertay University: Asteroid Runner

Michael Parkin-White – University of Bristol: Titan Spark

Mike Young – Staffordshire University: Asteroid Pelt

Nick Pearson – University of Bristol: Smuggler’s Paradise

Oliver Shannon-Lepper – University of Bath: Flip Hop

Querijn Heijmans – NHTV Breda, University of Applied Sciences: Resource Space

Rachel Cabot – University of Bath: STELL
Winner of Sumo Digital Rising Star 2016

Resul Celik – NHTV  Breda, University of Applied Sciences: Wise Monkeys

Robin van Nunen –  NHTV  Breda, University of Applied Sciences: Galaxy Rush

Ryan Fuller – Aston University: Rabbits and Foxes 

Teodor Gherasim Nistor – University of Southampton: Arrow Runner

Vitor Peixoto Hette – University of Salford: Intergalactic Attack! 

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