The Search For A Star 2016 Documentary is now live!

Episode 1 of our new documentary on the 2016 Search For A Star competition is now live.

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Join us as we follow the stories of those taking part in Search For A Star, one of the toughest student games dev competitions around, and get a glimpse behind the scenes at what it takes to geta dream jobĀ in the games industry. Recorded over the past year, the documentary series tracks the progress of applicants in the coding competitions from their qualifying test, to the game development project, all the way through to the challenging final interview.

In Episode 1 we follow the journeys of Nick Pearson from Bristol University as he learns C++ to enter the competition, Yan Knoop from NHTV and previous winner of the 2015 Sumo Digital Rising Star, and Jack Spink of Sheffield Hallam University. Watch as they develop and have their own games assessed by industry judges, then face a professional boardroom interview to discover if they have the skills, passion and ambition that the games industry is looking for.

With over 600 entrants across the competitions, the 2016 Search For A Star competitions have been the biggest in the history of the student games development challenges. Offering students a unique chance to gain valuable feedback and insight from games professionals, Search For A Star & Sumo Digital Rising Star also offer graduates their crucial first step into a career in games.

You can sign up now for the 2017 competitions

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Search For A Star 2016 Produced by Develop & New Bay Media for Grads In Games in partnership with Microsoft, Sumo Digital, Playground Games, NaturalMotion, Boss Alien, HackerRank, Edge Case Games, Furious Bee, Autodesk, Unreal Engine & all of our supporting partners.

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