SFAS 2015 Finalists Announcement



Search For A Star 2015 Finalists

Diede Apers

Howest Digital Arts & Entertainment

Milcho Milchev

University of Hull BSc Computer Science with Games Development

Daniel Oxer

University of East Anglia MSc Computer Graphics

Sam Parras

University of Bristol BSc Computer Science

Sonia Paul

Kingston University BSc Computer Science (Games Programming)

Sumo Digital Rising Star 2015 Finalists

Aleksis Andzans

Southampton Solent University BSc Computer Games (Software Development)

Kyle Hewitt

University of the West of Scotland Computer Game Technology

Yan Knoop

NHTV IGAD Game Programming

Oliver Shannon-Lepper

University of Bath BSc Computer Science

Dom Williams

University of Birmingham BSc Computer Science

Congratulations to all the finalists, and everyone who completed the second round in Search For A Star and Sumo Digital Rising Star!

We have some excellent entries this year, and will be highlighting the games that have been produced over the next couple of weeks.

Each second round game project was marked independently by up to 10 of our 19 judges, scored on criteria across both game quality and code quality to give a total result. The five highest scorers qualified for the finals, taking place at the Microsoft Campus in Reading on the 20th April.

We’d also like to give huge thanks to all of our judges for Round 2, for all of their hard work and patience in getting the projects marked :

Microsoft  UK
Lee Stott (Tech Evangelist)
Simon Michael
Nathan Adabadze (Consultant)
Aidan Temple (WGA)
Isaac Surfraz (WGA)
Mike Andrews (WGA)

Sumo Digital
Peter Harrap (Technical Director)
Andy Chapman (Programmer)
Andy Ware (Programmer)
Chris Ravenscroft (Technical Designer)
John Georgious (Designer)

Grads In Games / Aardvark Swift
Ben Milnes
Jason Holmes

Jason Fielder (CTO)

Boss Alien
Richard Bangs (Lead Programmer)
Thaddaeus Frogley (Lead Programmer)
Ryan Sullivan (Programmer)

Furious Bee
Lizi Attwood (Technical Director)

Edge Case Games
Greg Booker (Principal Engineer)


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