Josh Dunlop, Teeside University, MA Concept Art for Game & Animation

Portfolio & demo advice for programmers



Whatever path you’re taking in the games industry, there’s a few key rules to follow when creating a great portfolio of your work.


1. Make it easy to access

Have a dedicated place to host it with a short, direct link. Check out options such as WordPress, Weebly, Wix and others for hosting a simple but effective portfolio site. A GitHub or profile is not a portfolio though should be referenced in it. Artists have a few more options, with platforms such as Artstation & Behance offering some good services.


2. Keep it simple

Don’t show every project you’ve ever worked on. Other projects can be referenced or linked to separately, but the portfolio you show to potential employers should contain your best recent projects. Ensure that the projects in your portfolio show the right skills for the job you want.


3. Visually showcase your work

An obvious one for visual arts, but coders also need to have clear images and video showing your projects, particularly if there are areas that you want to draw attention to. Focus on the finished product but also consider showing stages of the project in development, highlighting particular decisions, skills & techniques you’ve used.


4. Talk about what you’ve done

Include explanatory text about your objectives and reasoning behind each project. Tell the reader why decisions were made, what you have learned and what you may have done differently.


If you’re using video content, annotate or provide commentary if possible to allow the viewer a better insight into the work you’ve done and the skills you have. For collaborative projects this should also include a breakdown of the work you have personally done within the group.


5. Include your CV or clear contact details

You’re creating a great portfolio to help you get work in the games industry, so not including a way for people to easily follow up with you is a huge oversight. Make it easy for potential employers to get in touch.

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