Josh Dunlop, Teeside University, MA Concept Art for Game & Animation

Advertise your courses with us

Whether you want to advertise specific postgraduate or masters courses, or simply promote your university as the perfect experience for students, we can get your message direct to the right people.

Through our national Get In The Game tour, our Search For A Star game development competitions, and the visitors to our Grads In Games website, we’re in regular contact with several thousand games students and academics across the UK, with more across Europe and internationally.

If you would like to advertise with us, we can provide the following options:

Direct Email Marketing

We can send sponsored emails to our student and graduate database on your behalf, promoting directly to students. We currently have over 2500 games students active on our mailing list, with around 800 of those graduating in 2016.

We recommend that you provide us with a pre-made HTML email and we’ll distribute it to our networks on your behalf. Alternatively, you can provide us with copy & images & we’ll draft it into a full HTML email to send out.

Web Advertising

We can display web adverts for your course and university on, promoting directly to our highly specific demographic of games student and graduate visitors.

We recommend that you provide us with a pre-made web ad for us to display. Alternatively we can draft one for you if you provide us with a brief & graphics assets to include.


For more information about advertising your courses or university via Grads In Games, please contact or call us on 01709 834777

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