Team Sapient win UK Imagine Cup 2016

After winning the UK Imagine Cup 2016, Team Sapient from The University of South Wales have now qualified for the world semi-finals.

Imagine Cup is split into three competitions: World Citizenship, Games and Innovation, and sees students from all over the world competing for cash prizes.

Students taking part in the games competition had the chance to create one of the following:

  • A desktop or tablet game using Windows
  • A mobile game using Windows Phone
  • A browser game using Windows Azure

This year’s games ranged from virtual reality games to board games and adventure games.

UK winners Sapient have made it into the semi-finals with their adventure game Hex World, which follows ‘the tourist’ as he travels his way through a “vast and unpredictable world, while getting caught in the middle of all sorts of trouble.”

“The world within video games can be fascinating from a mechanical point of view, and I believe that if you can make changes to the way a games world functions and exists then you can create interesting game mechanics that otherwise could not be possible in more traditional gaming worlds”, says¬†team member Riccardo DeLuca.

“This is what I wanted to achieve with Hex World by creating an environment that could shift dynamically and in real time.”

You can check out the full interview with Team Sapient here!

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