Advertising & promotional opportunities with Grads In Games

Through the Grads In Games web platform, our national careers events, student outreach activities and our extended networks, we have a range of marketing options to help our industry partners reach the right audience.

Audience Reach

Our audience comprises almost exclusively university-level students in games and games-related fields. We reach a dedicated audience of around 4000 people each month through the web platform, rising to over 8000 during the peak months of careers events and Search For A Star challenges. Our email & social reach of the combined Grads In Games & Aardvark Swift networks hits thousands more people, with overall impressions in the hundreds of thousands. We personally visit over 3000 students and academics in games, art and computer science each year as part of our national university careers tour, and work directly with 800 more in our annual Search For A Star challenge series’.

Advertising options

We currently provide the following advertisement and promotional options, which can be branded and managed to your requirements.


Please contact us directly to discuss advertising options

Custom and/or integrated campaigns

More bespoke arrangements are also possible and we are happy to discuss tailoring campaigns to suit your needs. Grads In Games partner companies have full access to the above options as part of integrated campaigns, so if this is something you feel would suit you more, please see our Partner & sponsorship page for more information on becoming involved.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the above, or want to discuss how best Grads In Games can provide a platform for your marketing objectives, please contact