Games industry interview workshop for universities

As part of our never-ending mission to help talented students excel in getting their first job, we’re now able to visit your university to run our one-day mock interview workshops.

We’ve developed close connections with studios big and small through both Grads In Games & our recruitment background. Games HR & recruitment teams tell us exactly what they’re looking for when they’re searching for graduates, and we can bring that insight direct to your students taking part in the workshop.

We’ll sit down one on one with your students and mimic a standard gaming industry interview. Students will receive personalised feedback on their performance and CV / portfolio, and gain invaluable interview experience so that they can walk into their very first job interview feeling confident.

In addition, we’ll bring along some of our friends from the industry who carry out these interviews for big names on a regular basis. They’ll provide a unique insight into the industry and provide career advice straight from someone who was once in the same position as your students.

If you represent a university and would be interested in hosting one of our mock interview days, let us know by contacting