Welcome to your Get In The Game online journey! 

We’ve compiled a huge amount of knowledge & resources to help you get your first job in the games industry, from specific skills and portfolio requirements, through to how to create a great games industry CV and improving your networking abilities.

We’ll also be adding dozens of video resources from our Grads In Games partner studios over the coming days, bringing their own expert insights to help you have the best start into a games career.

Whenever you’re logged in to the Grads In Games website, you’ll have a special menu available that will let you access all of your GITG Journey content, and allow you to unlock more resources as you progress through. You’ll also be able to access everything from the My Journey account page, as well as info on any jobs that you’ve applied for through the site.

To begin your journey, watch the introduction video below, which will open up the further content for you.

Once you’ve watched the intro video, you can continue your journey by choosing a games discipline below, learning key skills and portfolio advice both from us and from studios across the UK

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