How Does Grads In Games Benefit You As A Partner?

Our Get In The Game careers tour visits around 70 UK universities each year, talking to up to 3000 students predominantly from Computer Science & Games Development courses. As a partner, you will be able to speak at each of the talks on behalf of your brand, educating and informing the next generation of the games industry.

Our industry partners can also benefit from Search for a Star just as much as the competitors. Each year our partners get first-hand experience of the abilities and performance of the best graduates available. It’s no surprise that not just the winner, but at least 40 of our entrants graduate straight into a job role, often with one of our partners.

By using assessments designed by the studios themselves to mimic their own hiring structures, you’re already seeing potential candidates work their way through the recruitment process.

In addition, we provide a range of advertising and promotional benefits for all partners online & across the tour and competition.

How Can You Benefit Grads In Games?

Both during the Get In The Game tour & the Search For A Star competition, we are massively grateful for the range of physical, experiential & commercial support offered by our industry partners. Each of our partners plays a pivotal role in the success of the tour and competition, from mentorship of students on our university tours, software & game assets required for the tests,  to judging the rounds of the competition and providing placements or internships as rewards.

Every year we receive positive feedback from our students who have benefited from studio input in our competitions and internships. Whether it’s receiving careers advice and portfolio feedback from mentors and speakers at events, to real studio experience, our students and graduates truly appreciate your support.

If you would like to learn more about partnering with any of our other graduate campaigns, please contact