Every year we work with university lecturers and course leaders to bring our Get in the Game activities to universities across the UK and Europe, along with our team of consultants and mentors from the games industry. As a team, we visit universities to share experience on how students should best prepare for gaining successful employment. We regularly talk to studios, big and small, to find out exactly what qualities they’re looking for in graduate employees, so we can advise both students and tutors on how to make the most of their course with a view to increased employability

Additionally, our Search For A Star challenges are not just a showcase of student talent, but also a showcase of the universities, courses and tutors that are responsible for identifying and developing that talent. We also recognise & celebrate the work of academics and universities as part of our annual Grads In Games awards.

If you run or lecture in a related course and would like more information on either nominating your students for Search For A Star or bringing the Get In The Game tour to your university, we’d love to hear from you. Email andy@gradsingames for full details of how you can get involved.

Academic Recruitment

Filling your academic recruitment needs with experienced industry professionals can bring a wealth of benefits to your department. Their insider knowledge can vastly improve the learning experiences which students receive, while growing retention rates, results and student employability.

You’ll ensure that your students are learning relevant and practical skills that will help them succeed within the world of games, VFX, and computer science straight from professionals fresh from the industry itself.

Aardvark Swift have over 28 years’ experience working within the games industry, making us the oldest recruiters dedicated to the games industry in the UK! In that time we’ve build up a large network of games industry professionals from programmers to artists and producers. We can source educators for your university direct from studios across the UK and Europe, bringing a unique industry insight and expertise straight to your students.

If you are looking to grow your teaching team, contact Andy Driver to find out more.