Enhancing employability for the next generation of the games industry

Grads in Games is an independent non-profit organisation, we are on a mission to:

  • Improve the links between the games industry and education.
  • Educate young people on how to access the games industry by refining their employability.
  • Provide opportunities for young people to develop and present their skills to games industry professionals.
  • Promote diverse young people as exceptional and essential future employees for games studios.
  • Support the growth and success of the games industry.

Our projects, initiatives and events reach thousands of students and young people every year however we are only able to do what we do because of the amazing studios who partner with us.

In return for your financial support, we can help you build your brand, strengthen your connections and meet decision makers with purchasing power in leading universities. There are also plenty of opportunities to build the initiative into your staff development programme, furthering the skills of your team.

Small/Indie Studios (under 20 employees)




Headline Partnership


If your studio is interested in becoming a partner of Grads in Games for the 2021/22 academic year please contact Andy Driver at andy@gradsingames.com to download the full partnership brochure.