Round 1 Art Brief – Search For A Star & Rising Star

Entrants must choose and submit one portfolio piece that showcases their skill within their chosen discipline.

For character & environment artists, this can be one of the following :

  • A single image composite showing multiple angles of the subject.
  • A collection of up to six images, each showing a different single angle of the subject.
  • An interactive 3D visualization of the subject

For animation & VFX artists, this can be one of the following :

  • A video of no more than 60 seconds, focussed on a single subject.
  • An interactive 3D visualization of the subject.

Your submissions must contain the following information :

  1. Your name
  2. Your chosen specialisation
    Character, Environment, VFX or Animation
  3. A weblink to your portfolio submission
  4. A list of the software used to create your submission.
  5. Your ‘design thinking’ behind the piece you have submitted.
    Describe any inspirations, stylistic choices or particular techniques you’re using, plus any creative decisions you may have made in the process. (250 words max)

Email the above information to before the end of the 25th January 2016.
Please do not send any images or attachments directly to this address.

We look forward to receiving your entries.

Good luck!