We’re excited to welcome back nDreams as a Grads in Games Partner for 2017-18! nDreams joined up with Grads in Games last year, and after taking on a couple of students from Search for a Star, including VFX winner Niels Dewitte, they’ve partnered with us once again to support a sustainable industry filled with great graduate talent.

nDreams are the largest studio in the UK devoted solely to the publishing and development of VR games and experiences. Established in 2006, nDreams quickly became a leading publisher in PlayStation Home and as a developer of several major alternate reality games. However, their focus shifted in 2013 when the studio got their hands on an Oculus Rift – and they haven’t looked back since.

Their VR titles span from the visually spectacular experience Perfect, which transports players to a number of breath-taking environments to relax and unwind, to the slightly less relaxing Bloody Zombies, a hack and slash co-op brawler based in a plague-infested London.


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“nDreams are keen to be involved in supporting new talent within the industry, and the Grads in Games initiative is a fantastic opportunity for upcoming stars.” says Tamsin O’Luanaigh, nDreams’ CoSec & Talent Director, “Aardvark Swift have given a structured way for grads with essential skill sets to have their portfolios reviewed by employers. This is a great opportunity for students, and gives them a chance to receive feedback directly from industry leaders and discover what is needed to break into the industry.”

nDreams have been involved every step of the way for this year’s competition, from helping us write challenge briefs, providing tailored feedback on student work, and will also be interviewing our finalists!

They’ll be keeping a keen eye open for any more talented developers who share nDream’s passion and flare for where virtual reality can take the games industry. Last year’s VFX winner impressed nDreams judges so much, that he was almost instantly offered a job. “The combination of technical prowess and creative flare, all articulated with such a personable and humble mentality, made it very hard not to pay attention to Niels’ achievements” said Art Director Glenn Brace.

You can find out more about nDreams and their cutting-edge VR games here, and see the work of last year’s VFX winner, and now nDreams VFX Artist, below!