Name: Ian Goodall 

Job title: Managing Director

About me: I wear a lot of hats, I’m a Salesman, a Recruiter and I’ve learned that I’m definitely an Entrepreneur. As the owner of Aardvark Swift Recruitment – I manage a growing team of recruiters. As the founder of Grads In Games and Catalyst, I help to pipeline young talent into the UK games, animation and VFX industries.

Locally, I work as an Enterprise Advisor with my local comprehensive school and chair the Rotherham Business Growth Board, helping to develop local businesses across all sectors. I’m an investor and founding member of Dotforge – a tech accelerator that encourages the tech community in the North to grow and thrive.

I’m pretty busy! Any spare time is absorbed by being dad to my two beautiful young daughters, and occasionally seeing my wife. I find some ‘me’ time by running, cycling and competing in triathlons. Phew!

What I do: Multi tasking! Day to day, I manage the senior team and lead efforts across Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, IT – my role is hugely varied and it’s hard to find an area I don’t have an involvement in.

Favourite game: Of all time? Target Renegade on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. In recent years I love hunting Pokemon with my eldest.

Favourite TV series: Phoenix Nights – simply peerless. At the moment however, I’m hooked on The Walking Dead…and Vikings!

Favourite movie: One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

Favourite book: I like a Harlan Coben thriller

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