Founded in 1991, Epic Games has one of the strongest pedigrees in the games industry & renowned for making huge advances. With a range of innovative and fondly remembered classics across the early 90’s, Epic made their first huge impact on PC gaming with the release of Unreal and its subsequent series. Followed with a console smash in Gears of War, and repeating the pattern for the Infinity Blade series of games on mobile, Epic has secured a reputation for shaking up all areas of the industry.

And then they added a new game mode to their co-op survival game, Fortnite…

Becoming one of the biggest games phenomenons of all time, winning awards and breaking countless records with releases across PC, consoles and mobile, Fortnite has racked up millions of players worldwide & is just as popular as a spectator sport across streaming platforms.

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In 2009, Epic released the SDK for their Unreal Engine 3 to the general public, opening up a range of possibilities for developers. With the release of UE4 and subsequent decision to make it free to use, Epic has created one of the worlds most successful game engines, responsible for several hundred commercial games across AAA and indie.

Currently working on multiple titles, including Fortnite, continuing development on Unreal Engine 4, the latest iteration of Unreal Tournament, and Spyjinks in conjunction with Bad Robot, Epic Games are well set to continue their success into the future.

Epic Games are the headline partner for the Search For A Star Environment Art & Character Art development projects, with all projects once again being completed as game-ready assets in Unreal Engine 4.

You can learn more about Epic Games and UE4 over on their website.