Red Kite Games


Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Red Kite Games is a video games development studio that consists of a highly experienced team of developers from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. Having collectively had the privilege to work with a multitude of leading development studios on a variety of best-selling and critically acclaimed video games, the Red Kite team is uniquely placed with both experience and expertise.

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Since forming in 2012 Red Kite Games have helped to develop several high-profile titles including God of War III: Remastered, DiRT 4 and Call of Duty: Strike Team. In addition to this they’ve also been supporting Sumo Digital and Microsoft on Crackdown 3.

Excitedly the Red Kite team are currently partnering with Velan Studios and 2K Games on multiple yet to be announced projects.

Whilst having the privilege to continue supporting their partners, Red Kite Games are also developing their own IP, Hollowpoint.