TT Odyssey + TT Games

World-renowned for their critically acclaimed work on the LEGO games series, TT Games was established in 2005 and has grown to include multiple studios and its own publishing arm. With over 30 LEGO games released

TT Odyssey was formed in November 2017 by industry veteran Jason Avent, bringing in the team behind Race Kings and Monkey Slam – Mad Atom as the team’s core and then surrounded them with mobile industry veterans from the Brighton development scene to create a formidable force. TT Odyssey are working on free to play mobile games with the LEGO license partnered to other world-class IPs. The studio is based in the heart of Brighton; an exciting and vibrant city on the south coast surrounded by the natural beauty of the English channel and the South Downs.

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TT Odyssey is a part of TT Games and closely associated with Golf Clash developer, Playdemic, using the relationships and expertise of the 650 strong studio group to bring LEGO IPs designed from the ground up for mobile devices. Meanwhile TT Games continue to forge ahead with the more traditional LEGO games on console and PC.

The company is proud to continue its mission to be the leading publisher of interactive entertainment for young gamers and their families as part of Time Warner Inc, and to develop exciting new content for children with TT Animation.

You can find out more about TT Games on their website.