Sumo Digital

Founded in 2003, Sumo Digital has grown to be one of the leading games development studios in the UK, working with high profile clients developing a range of popular cross-platform games. With Sumo Group studios based in Sheffield, Nottingham, Leamington Spa, Newcastle and Pune, as well as The Chinese Room in Brighton and Red Kite Games in Leeds, they’ve have worked on a string of successful AAA titles and critically acclaimed games including LittleBigPlanet 3, Hitman 2, Crackdown 3, Team Sonic Racing, Disney Infinity, and their own IP with Snake Pass.

Sumo are a strong advocate for developing future talent and improving the perception of graduate hires. In addition to their own work towards placement schemes and student outreach, they are the lead partner for the Rising Star gamedev challenges, offering students an opportunity to receive an internship at their studio.

You can find out more about Sumo Digital and their games over on their website.


nDreams are the largest studio in the UK devoted solely to the publishing and development of VR games and experiences. Established in 2006, nDreams quickly became a leading publisher in PlayStation Home and as a developer of several major alternate reality games. However, their focus shifted in 2013 when the studio got their hands on an Oculus Rift – and they haven’t looked back since.

Their VR titles span from award-winning interactive stories with The Assembly, a long-form narrative-driven game built entirely for a VR experience, to the critically acclaimed Phantom Covert Ops, creating the definitive vision for stealth action games in VR.

You can find out more about nDreams and their work over on their website

Boss Alien

We’re delighted to welcome Boss Alien back & NaturalMotion Games as our Grads in Games Partners for a sixth year! Boss Alien have always shared our mission to support graduate game developers entering the industry for the first time, and we’re glad they’ll be continuing their efforts this year.

Formed in Brighton back in June 2011 by ex-employees of Black Rock Studio, Boss Alien has produced the huge mobile hits CSR Racing & CSR Classics. Part of NaturalMotion, and the larger Zynga family by extent, Boss Alien retain the freedom to work independently to create exciting new experiences for their loyal community. They’re now working on the new Star Wars IP as part of NaturalMotion’s partnership with Disney.

The studio are a strong supporter of Grads In Games, and both Boss Alien and NaturalMotion have taken on a number of talented developers from Search for a Star over the years, both in intern and graduate roles.

You can find out more about Boss Alien and their games over on their website.

TT Odyssey + TT Games

World-renowned for their critically acclaimed work on the LEGO games series, TT Games was established in 2005 and has grown to include multiple studios and its own publishing arm. With over 30 LEGO games released

TT Odyssey was formed in November 2017 by industry veteran Jason Avent, bringing in the team behind Race Kings and Monkey Slam – Mad Atom as the team’s core and then surrounded them with mobile industry veterans from the Brighton development scene to create a formidable force. TT Odyssey are working on free to play mobile games with the LEGO license partnered to other world-class IPs. The studio is based in the heart of Brighton; an exciting and vibrant city on the south coast surrounded by the natural beauty of the English channel and the South Downs.


TT Odyssey is a part of TT Games and closely associated with Golf Clash developer, Playdemic, using the relationships and expertise of the 650 strong studio group to bring LEGO IPs designed from the ground up for mobile devices. Meanwhile TT Games continue to forge ahead with the more traditional LEGO games on console and PC.

The company is proud to continue its mission to be the leading publisher of interactive entertainment for young gamers and their families as part of Time Warner Inc, and to develop exciting new content for children with TT Animation.

You can find out more about TT Games on their website.

Our Patrons


Founded in 2011, and becoming part of the Keywords Studios group in 2017, the work for hire studio have partnered on projects with the likes of Boss Key, the BBC, Sony and Sega, and will now be offering up their hard-earned experience & industry insight on the Get in the Game tour and to students attending Search for a Star Finals day.

d3t’s skill and experience has been channelled into a wide variety of projects, most recently on the development of high profile modernisations of Sega’s Shenmue and Shenmue II. The studio is continuously going from strength to strength, offering their services as an independent company without ties to any one IP.


The Cheshire-based developers were one of the proud companies to win and Aardvark Swift’s ‘Best Places to Work 2017’ award. With their diversity in projects, developers never get tired of working on one project for too long. Staff are able to cultivate a range of skills which they simply aren’t able to within a traditional studio environment.

You can find out more d3t and their work over on their website.

Red Kite Games

Based in Leeds, Red Kite Games is a video games development studio that consists of a highly experienced team of developers from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. Having collectively had the privilege to work with a multitude of leading development studios on a variety of best-selling and critically acclaimed video games, the Red Kite team is uniquely placed with both experience and expertise.

Since forming in 2012 Red Kite Games have helped to develop several high-profile titles including God of War III: Remastered, DiRT 4 and Call of Duty: Strike Team. In addition to this they’ve also been supporting Sumo Digital on Team Sonic Racing, Crackdown 3 and recently joined the Sumo Group of studios.

Whilst having the privilege to continue supporting their partners, Red Kite Games are also developing their own IP, Hollowpoint.


Kwalee is an expanding, independent mobile games developer and publisher based in the beautiful town of Leamington Spa, England, within the area known as Silicon Spa where over 3,000 game developers work.

Kwalee is one of the world’s fastest growing studios and has rapidly become the largest hyper-casual publisher in the UK. Thanks to hit games including Draw it, Looper, Jetpack Jump, Shootout 3D, Go Fish!, Plank! and Rocket Sky, Kwalee has hundreds of millions of players across the globe, placing us within the top 5 mobile developers worldwide. Our games have been downloaded in every country on the planet!

The company was founded in 2011 by David Darling CBE – awarded by the Queen, co-founder of Codemasters and comprises of a highly skilled and creative team that has doubled its size in the last year. 

Our growing team is made up of a great mix of developers, artists, designers, marketers and analysts from a huge variety of backgrounds and countries. It includes many industry veterans like the original creator of the Micro Machines video games. 

Not only passionate  about the games we produce, our team is a creative melting pot of ideas and experiments. Through our “Creative Wednesday” system, anyone in the company can produce and develop chart-topping game ideas. This experimental culture filtered through to every other area of the company.

We firmly believe in creativity and innovation and that a fundamental requirement for a successful and happy company is having the right mix of individuals. With the right people in the right environment anything and everything is possible.

You can find out more about Kwalee and their games over on their website.


Firesprite are a video game development studio based in the heart of Liverpool city centre, UK. They have collaborated with PlayStation WWS Japan Studio on THE PLAYROOM for PlayStation 4, for which they developed the visual style. They’ve also created Run Sackboy! Run! for PlayStation WWS XDev for iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita. They are currently beavering away on some fabulous new games for PlayStation 4 and all major gaming platforms.

Firesprite have most recently released The Persistence, a procedurally generated VR sci-fi-stealth, horror game, exclusively for PlayStation®VR.

You can find out more about Firesprite and their games over on their website.

Guerrilla is one of Europe’s leading game development companies. It was founded in 2000 as the result of a merger between three smaller Dutch studios, and acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment after the launch of the Killzone franchise in 2004.

Its most recent title, released in 2017, is the critically and popularly acclaimed open world action-RPG Horizon Zero Dawn.

Guerrilla currently employs more than 300 professionals from 30 different nationalities working on several unannounced projects. The studio is located in the cultural and historical centre of Amsterdam, The Netherlands — a great place to work and play.

For more information, please visit the Guerrilla website at