Furious Bee are passionate about making games and helping others make them too, providing code support, art outsourcing, consultancy and even full project development for a range of studios.

Although the team is made up of just two people, Technical Director Lizi Attwood and Creative Director Ross Mansfield have over 30 years’ industry experience between them, and have worked on top games titles like Call of Duty: Strike Team and CSR Racing.

Most recently, they developed Sam Barlow’s Telling Lies, a critically acclaimed non-linear narrative thriller, released in August and already racking up several award nominations.

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Lizi is co-founder of Search For A Star and has been a core part of the programming challenges since the very start, from developing the test and project challenges, through to leading the judging panels at our finals day.
As well as being a strong advocate for games education and improving Her extensive knowledge of programming and the games industry makes her an invaluable partner to Grads in Games and Search For A Star.

We’re very grateful to the Furious Bee team for their enthusiasm and support for the challenges over the past 10 years!

You can learn more about Furious Bee at http://www.furiousbee.co.uk/