The Grads In Games Awards 2019

Nominations Shortlists

Academic Award

Showcasing the academics who are doing the most to help students into the games industry, with a strong track record of beneficial results from their work.

Chris Headleand
University of Lincoln

Dave Moore
Sheffield Hallam University

Gareth Bellaby
University of Central Lancashire

Matthew Novak
University of Huddersfield

Neil Gallagher
University of Hertfordshire


Educational Institution Award

Highlighting the universities and courses that are actively doing the most to help students into the games industry.

Birmingham City University (Gamer Camp)

Breda University of Applied Sciences

ESNE, University School of Design, Innovation and Technology

National Film & Television School

University of Huddersfield

Wrexham Glyndwr University

Student Hero Award

Showcasing games students who are doing the most to support, progress and inspire their peers through a range of pro-active and supportive activities.

Chris Ross
University of Lincoln

Harriet Frayling
Birmingham City University

Huw Owen
Wreham Glyndwr University

James Moorby
University of Central Lancashire

Max Duffy
University of Central Lancashire

Michael Dixon
University of Derby

Oliver Hopley
University of Hertfordshire

Ellie BrownZachray Cundall & Helen Andrzejowska
(Ocean Spark Studios), University of Huddersfield

Core Tech Programmer Award

Recognising the skilled students who are building core technology across engine, graphics, rendering, animation and other low-level system programming.

in partnership with d3t


Daniel Gomez-Casan
Abertay University

Friedel Verpoort
Howest DAE

Hakeem Bux
University of East Anglia

John Green
University of Central Lancashire

Technical Artist Award

Highlighting the talented students that bridge the gap between art and programming, applying technical knowledge and skills across tools and development pipelines.

Bailey Martin
Solent University

Ben Ashcroft
University of Hertfordshire

Ivo Van Roji
Breda University of Applied Sciences

Oliver Dawes
University of Saint Andrews

Student Game Award

Student games projects published within the past 12 months, demonstrating a strong talent and aptitude from its developers.

in partnership with Epic Games

Epic Games

Blast the Past
Horschule Darmstadt

Philipp Stenger : Game Designer/Engineer
János Weyhknecht : 3D Artist/Vision keeper
Marvin Spahn : 3D Artist
Nicholas Nickel : 3D Artist
Kylan Lenderink : Sound
Lucca Riitano : Sound
Isabell Starke : Voice

En Garde!
Rubika Supinfogame

Adrien Poncet : Game director, producer & sound designer
Valentin Capitaine : Game designer & AI designer
Corentin Mangé : Level designer & level builder
Sylvain Schmück : Gameplay programmer & 3C designer
Pierre Chapelet : Gameplay & AI programmer
Tim Guthmann : Animator, technical artist & level artist
Anaïs Simonnet : Character artist & level artist
Julien Fenoglio : Art director, concept artist & level artist

Lyra: The Traitor Lyngrave
University of Hertfordshire

Callum Tweedie-Walker
Alec Thomas

National Film and Television School

Timothy Kaufmann : Game Designer and Developer
Tom Dexter : Producer
Stephanie Taylor : Composer
Ioannis Spanos : Sound Designer
Gagandeep Kalirai : 2D Artist and Animator
Xanthe Bodington : Graphics and Titles
Rose Harvey : Marketing
Emilie Dubois : Social Media

Office Hustle
Breda University of Applied Sciences

Design: Bart-Jan Boersma, Jente van Rooij, Mees Wendels, Menno Verdonk, Sven Zondag
Programming: Marnix Kuijs, Stefano Lazzaroni, Vasilen Alexandrov
Art: Danielle Viljoen, Réka Horváth, Max Vetter

Project Falcon
University of Plymouth

Liam McFadyen – Creative Director

Industry Collaboration Award

Actively collaboration between universities/students and studios, whether through events, studio oversight, individual projects or a group project as part of an academic course.

Doncaster University
Revolution Games

Huddersfield University
Red Kite Games

National Film and Television School
Supermassive Games

Sheffield Hallam University
Sony/ Playstation First

Sports Interactive

Ubisoft Coding Campus

Graduate Employer Award

The studios doing the most to help nurture the next generation of games developers, and working towards a more sustainable future for the industry.

Creative Assembly






Red Kite Games

Ubisoft Reflections

Graduate Impact Award

Graduate & junior employees that have quickly become integral members of their teams and are creating a hugely positive impact not just within their studio, but also toward the wider games industry.

Adam Da Rocha
Ten Hut Games

Andrew Hamilton

Dale Green
Red Kite Games

Jake Missing

Liam Sorta

Megan Brown
Frontier Developments

Nicolas Taylor
Ubisoft Reflections

Stephane Ikor

Stephen Norgate
Sports Interactive

Thomas Keen

The Grads In Games Awards

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