Junior Programmer

Are you a graduate looking to break into the games industry?

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to land on your feet with a UK studio who create games for fun’s sake. With a portfolio of titles beloved by millions of games worldwide, you’ll be joining the fun-loving team to work on their next unannounced project.

You’ll get experience working on a project in its entire cycle, from gamejam idea through to a fully released game. You’ll be raring to go and get your teeth stuck in, taking responsible for programming software and designing code architecture, and implementing, debugging and optimizing systems.

Have you got the skills we’re looking for?

  • Care for providing great experience to players, proving out great ideas never seen before and growing them together with our gaming community.

  • Yearning for improvement through honest feedback from your peers and the community.

  • Belief that “the best way” is not written in stone and changes for the better are welcome.

Icing on the cake:

  • Experience with delivering code for games

  • Experience with making games with Unity using C#

  • Comfortable use of Source control

Interested? You don’t need to have a new CV ready – lets have a chat! Contact Sharan Bassi on Sharan@aswift.com or +441709 834777.