Junior VFX Artist

Junior VFX Artist – Cambridge, UK

Are you talented artist or a recent graduate with clear talent in VFX? Our client is looking for people with a passion for particles and beyond!

This is an ideal role for someone looking to make their mark. You will be working in the beautiful city of Cambridge, for a well-established studio, and working across a range of styles and effects in our client’s diverse range of IP.

You will Need:

  • Portfolio demonstrating your skill and passion with VFX
  • Understanding of how to create effects which are efficient and well balanced
  • Strong knowledge of particle systems in the games industry
  • Ability to create authentic, believable motion for the most dynamic VFX
  • Knowledge of the range of visual techniques employed in delivering high quality effects in modern games
  • Understanding of memory and performance pitfalls as well as techniques and tricks a VFX Artist can employ to avoid them
  • Knowledge of Maya, Fume, Photoshop, After Effects, Houdini or other industry standard software
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Attention to detail is crucial

Bonus XP for:

  • Knowledge of game lighting and other FX systems (incl. full screen effects etc.)
  • Experience in films, in particular in a real time environment

You will Be:

  • Working with the VFX team to plan and deliver high quality realistic/stylised particle effects
  • Working with the art and design team on all visual effect aspects of game development including, game play specific tasks
  • Demonstrating creativity and technical ability, while ensuring VFX are efficient and in budget

Interested? Let’s have a chat. Contact Sharan on +44(0)1709 834777 or sharan@aswift.com