Our University Open Day is a free event bringing together a range of universities with specialised games courses to let you know all about what their courses can teach you, and what they can provide you with when starting a career in game development.

Below you can find more info about each exhibiting university including links to download their course documentation.

Birmingham City University

Birmingham, UK


Birmingham City University is located in the heart of the city and ranked in the Top 20 UK Universities for Social Inclusion by The Sunday Times. We offer a range of accredited Computing and Digital Technology degrees, including Computer Games Technology, Visual Effects, Sound Engineering and Production and Music Technology. Our digital courses are designed to equip students with practical skills and experience to secure a job in the industry after graduation.

We have excellent links with industry partners to provide students with unique opportunities to gain real-world experience while studying on the course. As a student at Birmingham City University, you will learn using state-of-the-art facilities in our computer games lab, green screen studio, VFX studio, professional recording studios and have access to the latest industry-standard software.

Courses offered:

BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology;

BSc (Hons) Visual Effects

BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering and Production

BSc (Hons) Music Technology

Howest Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE)

Kortrijk, Belgium


Do you often fantasize about 2D or 3D worlds which do not yet exist? Do you consider yourself to be creative, ambitious, resourceful and above all passionate about games, films and special effects? Do you want to become a professional game developer, a game or VFX Artist, a 3D animator or a Sound Designer for games, or even start your own game company? If so, then Digital Arts & Entertainment is the educational programme for you!

Students who choose for DAE become part of an international acclaimed bachelor programme: DAE was #1 Game Design & Development School (THE ROOKIES) in 2017 and 2018. Moreover, DAE won the Educational Institution Award (GRADS IN GAMES) in 2018 and 2021.

Of course, gaming is fun, but be advised: Digital Arts and Entertainment is not for the faint of heart. However, the rewards are bountiful: our alumni have managed to conquer job positions in most of the world’s AAA studios. You will develop unparalleled programming- and design proficiency, you will get to experiment with state-of-the-art technology, you’ll be able to function in a team as well as independently and you will learn to feel comfortable managing deadlines. Are you up to the challenge?

Courses offered:

BSc DAE Major Game Graphics Production

BSc DAE Major Game Development

BSc DAE Major Interactive Sound Development

BSc DAE Major Independent Game Production

BSc DAE Major Visual Effects

BSc DAE Major Animation

Institute of Digital Games – University of Malta

Msida, Malta


The Institute of Digital Games (IDG) is the centre for research and education in game design, game analysis, and game technology at the University of Malta. Our work is at the forefront of innovative games research. We explore games and play, uncovering new playful and generative possibilities in game design and technology. The M.Sc. in Digital Games is a multi-disciplinary programme that will provide you, the student, with a deeper understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of game design. The Masters will refine your game design knowledge for you to get a job in the game industry and will also strengthen your research skills for you to pursue further studies on a PhD level. Our students have gone on to start up their own leading game AI companies such as Modl.ai, have found employment at small indie studios such as Mighty Boards, as well as in large game studios such as CD Projekt RED and Creative Assembly. The Institute of Digital Games was ranked among the top 25 post-graduate game design programs by the Princeton Review since 2017- ranking at #22 in 2021 – and in the top 10 of institutions active in technical games research

Courses offered:

M.Sc. and PhD in Digital Games

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham, England


Our Animation course, based at our City Campus, will allow you to explore 2D and 3D animation, engaging in every aspect of animation production while gaining knowledge of animation history and context. You’ll have access to industry-standard equipment and software such as Maya, TVPaint, CelAction2D, ZBrush and Adobe CC. With opportunities to showcase your work to the industry, appear in international film festivals and collaborate with the industry, you’ll be ready to launch your career as an animator.

Our Games Art and Games Technology courses at our Confetti Campus focus on the practical and theoretical disciplines and processes within the field of games, along with the industry-standard software and technology to prepare you for the global games industry. Previous graduates have worked at companies such as Rockstar Games, Ubisoft BlueByte and Sumo Digital.

Courses offered:

BA (Hons) Animation

BSc (Hons) Games Production

BA (Hons) Games Art,

FdA Games Art

FdSc Games Technology

Norwich University of the Arts

Norwich, England


Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) is a dynamic and creative community providing arts, design, architecture and media education. NUAs Games courses are multi award winning. In 2020 NUA was ranked in the Top 50 Creative Media & Entertainment Schools and Colleges in the World.

Courses offered:

BA Games Art and Design

BSc Games Development

Royal Holloway University of London

Egham, England


Royal Holloway University London is a world-leading university and the Department of Media Arts has just been ranked in the top ten for both Film Production and Media in the Guardian.

We are here to showcase two fantastic degrees: our BA in Video Games Art and Design and our BA/BSc in Digital Media Culture and Technology. Whether you are interested in writing for games, 3D art and design, coding for games or marketing and media, these degrees give you the skills to rise to the top of the digital industries.  Out students go on to make the digital content of tomorrow and learning with us will open the door to the booming industries of videogames, digital design and social media. From app making to digital arts and AAA to indie game design, our bespoke modules give you the chance to learn whatever you choose.

Courses offered:

BA Video Games Art and Design

Teesside University

Middlesbrough, England


Teesside University enjoys an excellent reputation in the field of computer games. Our courses cover all aspects of games development, ranging from the highly creative area of concept art to the technical discipline of games programming.

Students benefit from established relationships with key organisations such as: Microsoft, Rare, Team 17, ZeroLight, R8 Games, Hammerhead VR, Dojo Arcade, Schlumberger, Sumo Digital and Coastsink. Our facilities include more than 30 networked computing studios across many platforms (Windows, Linux, iOS and Android), equipped to industry standard for hardware and software). Take part in Animex, our annual international festival of games and animation, which brings together experts from world-renowned studios including Rockstar, Pixar, Aardman, Disney, ILM, Sony Interactive and Supermassive Games.

You also have the chance to enter local, national and international GameJam events, take part in our industry competitions, attend industry events, and Beta test some upcoming games before they are released.

Courses offered:

Computer Games Art BA (Hons)

Computer Games Design BA (Hons)

Computer Games Design MComp (Hons)

Computer Games Programming BSc (Hons)

Computer Games Programming MComp (Hons)

Games Development BSc (Hons)

Indie Games Development BA (Hons)

Technical Game Development BSc (Hons)

University of Sunderland

Bristol, England


The life-changing University of Sunderland has 20,000 students based in campuses on the North East coast, in London and Hong Kong and at its global partnerships with learning institutions in 15 countries. We are proud of our long-established commitment to widening participation, our world-leading research, public and private sector collaborations and our track-record for providing quality student experiences that result in graduates who are the tomorrow-makers of our societies and economies. We offer a range of computer science and games art courses, including BSc (Hons) Game Development and BA (Hons) Animation and Games Art. Our BSc (Hons) Game Development course equips you with the necessary technical skills to develop games both independently and within a multidisciplinary environment, backed by industry-standard practices. BA (Hons) Animation and Games Art allows you to explore and develop both traditional and new techniques, learning key digital skills in 2D and 3D as well as the core principles of character-led animation.

Courses offered:

BSc (Hons) Web and Mobile Development

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

BSc (Hons) Game Development

Animation and Games Art BA (Hons)

University of Plymouth

Plymouth, England


Games at the University of Plymouth is the embodiment of this passion to develop, create and innovate, with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that focus on fostering and inspiring the next generation of game developers & engineers, designers and artists. Create your own games, applications, art and experiences that work towards building a versatile portfolio.

Our courses challenge you to innovate in the games sector from a critical and technical perspective, whilst applying your highly transferable skills using games pipelines to solve real world problems. Work individually and as part of a team, establishing your portfolio and career trajectory.

Courses offered:

BSc (Hons) Games Development Technologies

BA (Hons) Game Arts and Design

MA Game Design

University of Lincoln

Lincoln, England


The BSc (Hons) Games Computing programme at Lincoln aims to develop the skills and attributes required for roles in the competitive game development sector. The course is designed to help students develop as versatile professionals, capable of thriving in a wide range of post-university employment destinations. Students also have the opportunity to develop skills that lend themselves to the ever-growing video games industry. We produce graduates who can adapt to quickly evolving technology and play key roles within the companies at the forefront of those advances. Beyond how to develop technology, a games computing student can also gain an understanding of how to make them engaging, playful, and fun. The course explores computer science through the medium of games. Students have the opportunity to develop programming skills, create strong portfolios, alongside specialist modules in topics including games design, 3D graphics, VR, and artificial intelligence.

We offer a range of computer science and games art courses, including BSc (Hons) Game Development and BA (Hons) Animation and Games Art. Our BSc (Hons) Game Development course equips you with the necessary technical skills to develop games both independently and within a multidisciplinary environment, backed by industry-standard practices. BA (Hons) Animation and Games Art allows you to explore and develop both traditional and new techniques, learning key digital skills in 2D and 3D as well as the core principles of character-led animation.

Courses offered:

BSc (Hons) Games Computing

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

MSc Game Development and Design

Brunel University London

Uxbridge, England


The BA Games Design at Brunel University London is an industry-accredited course that offers both a well-rounded experience of design and development and multiple avenues to specialise in what interests you the most. From the start you will be encouraged to think and work as a games designer, and you will develop the skills you need to make your ideas happen. You will design and prototype your own games, pitch games and develop skills in asset creation, wire-framing, and sound design. And that’s just your first year!

Throughout your degree, you will also learn the core theories, concepts and methods of analysing games, players, and contexts which will help you create games that are based on a rich foundation of knowledge. By the end of the course, you will have a comprehensive portfolio and a range of skills sought after by the games industry in areas such as: game design, game production, game art, game development, game analysis, game research, and game sound and music, as well as giving you transferable skills that are relevant to broader fields.

Courses offered:

BA (Hons) Games Design

BA (Hons) Games Design (Art)

BA (Hons) Games Design (Technology)

BA (Hons) Games Design (Sound and Music)

BA (Hons) Games Design (Studies)

BA (Hons) Games Design and Creative Writing

MA Digital Games Theory and Design

ISART Business School In Video Games

Paris, France


ISART Digital is ranked number 2 in the world according by GAMEducation (www.gameschools.com) In 2021, ISART Digital won Best Student Game in the GSA BAFTA Student Awards in Los Angeles for Symphonia.

Combining technical skills and creativity with business strategy, ISART Digital prepares students for key roles in the video game industry.  This innovative approach prepares students for the reality of the gaming industry,  whether in editorial management of established studios or at the helm of their own company.

Students work in multidisciplinary teams to create their own video games for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5 using professional Dev Kits supplied by Nintendo and PlayStation while learning how to position their project in the market with the best business model.

ISART is the only business school in the world to have a financial partner, Publisher PSL Interactive, that invests in ISART students and their startups!

In Nice, ISART Digital currently offers 2 MSc in Game Art & Visual Marketing and Gameplay Programming & Marketing, accredited by the French Ministry of Education, and taught entirely in English. 

From 2025, students will be able to apply for a place on the 2-year MSc in Game Publishing, Production and Marketing.

Courses offered:

MSc Game Art & Visual Marketing

MSC Publisher Production & Marketing

MSC Gameplay Programmer & Marketing

University of Hull

Hull, UK


At the University of Hull, we have been providing the Games Industry with high-quality graduates for nearly 20 years and were the first University to have a course accredited by Creative Skillset. As a result of this long, rich heritage we have a huge network of graduates, graduate employers, and even graduates who are now employers in the games industry throughout the UK, Europe and North America. We have excellent graduate employability of over 94% and it is not uncommon for our graduates to receive multiple job offers before they graduate with employers proactively coming to us to reach our top graduates first! Our passionate teaching staff have vast experience both with and in games, and both staff and graduates have found success working on everything from mobile games to Triple-A and BAFTA award winning titles. If you love video games it’s highly likely you’ve already experienced the work of graduates from Hull!

We offer two styles of games degree at the University of Hull. One targeted at students who want to become games programmers (Computer Science with Games Development), and another targeted at students who want to become games designers and artists (Game Design).

Courses offered:

BA Computer Science with Games Development

BA Games Design

Solent University Southampton

Southhampton, UK


Solent University is a small, modern university based in Southampton. We have three well-established Computer Games degrees: Art, Design and Technology. These are delivered in our dedicated Computer Game labs equipped with industry-standard hardware and software, PlayStation Dev kits, a VR/AR labs and 3D printing facilities. At Solent, we promote an inclusive, collaborative approach to learning and game production. Our smaller class sizes allow for individual support and guidance, and our teaching team offer a great mix of industry experience and academic excellence. The degrees we offer are very industry focussed, with an emphasis on developing student portfolios ready for applying for game jobs. All our courses are recently revalidated (2020), to ensure that they are current, ‘industry ready’ and futureproofed. Our recent graduates have gone on to be employed at a host of game companies, including at some of the larger studios, such as Rockstar and Epic. We also have an excellent record in the Search for a Star and Rising Star competitions. We have had several recent finalists over the past few years, and we are very proud that one of our talented students won this year’s overall Character Game Art category.

Courses offered:

Computer Games (Art)

Computer Games Design

Computer Games Technology, Animation, CGI and VFX

London College of Communication, UAL

London, UK


London College of Communication is home to future-facing creatives. Together, we explore and rethink what communication is and why it matters.  Working across Design, Media and Screen, our diverse, dynamic community creates and collaborates while making a difference across wider society.  With access to a range of facilities and technical spaces, we learn, research, make and innovate. Our students are taught by experienced practitioners across a diverse range of courses, and go on to shape the creative industries by forging their own paths in thoughtful and experimental ways.  Our outstanding facilities, supported by highly experienced technical staff, allow students the unique exploration of both heritage and future technologies.  Our students work on live briefs and commissions for organisations ranging from local independent start-ups and charities through to major global companies. Our graduates go on to inform the future of the creative industries across the world. 

Courses offered:

BA (Hons) Games Art

BA (Hons) Games Design

BA (Hons) Virtual Reality

BA (Hons) Animation