Red Kite Games

Red Kite Games are a multi-award-winning studio taking on work-for-hire, co-development and original IP projects. Established over a decade ago Red Kite has established a reputation within the industry for delivering a high-quality service creating AAA PC/console games across varying genres. 

Red Kite is focused on providing high quality projects, the right work-life balance and recognition and reward. All these areas are equally important and combined with exceptional learning and development initiatives Red Kite believes passionately in the studio’s culture and amazing staff retention.

Along with developing the team’s skills Red Kite is focused on health and wellbeing with programs to support employees including mental health support, and a focus on equality, diversity and inclusion. 

With a zero-crunch mentality, flexitime and competitive flexible benefits to round off the package Red Kite has created an ego-free, positive and friendly atmosphere that works smarter, not harder. More than just a team, a family.

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