At GIG we are committed to improving the employability of young people for the video games industry, we follow through with this commitment every year by engaging with thousands of students on projects including Get in the Game and Search for a Star.

We are encouraging universities, colleges and schools who share our vision to make a pledge that commits them to improve the employability of their games students.

The Grads in Games Employability Pledge Partnership

Who is it for?

Any educational institution delivering a games course at levels 3 – 7. This can be universities, colleges, sixth forms and schools.

What would we need to do?

You will make a pledge, commiting to take active steps to increase the employability of your games students.

Over the course of one academic year you will track a number of things so that you are able to provide us with a report outlining the steps you have taken to improve the employability of your students.

What do we track?

  • How many guest speakers from the games industry spoke to your students?
  • Did anybody working in the games industry have regular input into your curriculum/teaching over the year?
  • Did you deliver any workshops that focus on CV or portfolio development specifically for the games industry? Was this assisted by anybody from the games industry?
  • What time/support/module was provided to students purely for the purpose of portfolio development?
  • Did you facilitate your students being able to attend any external games industry events?
  • How many of your students attended GIG’s Get in the Game career events? (we can provide numbers)
  • How many of your students registered for the Search for a Star & Rising Star GameDev Challenges? (we can provide numbers)
  • Anything else?

Why should we do this?

As a pledge partner Grads in Games will be promoting your institution and its courses on our website and through marketing campaigns, this can yield multiple benefits including attracting more/higher quality students to the games courses you offer as well as more awareness from industry professionals of your course which in turn may lead to more collaboration.  

How do we make a pledge?

To begin with, the lead contact at your institution should fill out the initial application form below. Following this a member of the Grads in Games team will be in contact to cover the pledge in further detail.