Break into the games industry with Rising Star

Sumo Digital Rising Star competition is one of the biggest competition in Europe for students who are not yet in their final year of university. The competition has students create their own games, art assets, animations or visual effects. Students who make it to the final round will have a chance to win an interview with a leading UK games development studio for an internship!

 If you’re a final year or Masters student, please see our companion competition offering job interviews with leading studios: Search For A Star.

The competition

We want to prepare you for what lies ahead; that’s why our competition has been split into three stages designed by industry experts to mirror a typical games industry recruitment process.

The competition consists of five categories which you can enter: games programming, 3D character art, 3D environment art, 3D animation, and VFX. You’ll have the chance to create your own games, art assets, animations or visual effects (depending on your discipline), to make a big impression with our judge panel and grow your own portfolio.

The format 

We’re changing things up this year and allowing every student who registers for Search for a Star to compete in rounds one and two, giving you more opportunity to show the judges what you can do!

The first round of the competition consists of a HackerRank C++ test for programmers, or a portfolio review of a recent project you’ve worked on.

In round two, programmers are given the code for a very basic game and asked to create something which will wow us; you can change the game in any way you see fit, and extra features such as multiplayer or leader-boards are encouraged! Artists on the other hand are given concept art or a briefs which have been taken from games which our studio partners have used in the past.

What’s in it for you?

  • Winners receive an internship interview with a leading game development studios;
  • Win big prizes donated by the industry, including games, software and gear!
  • Develop a games project using a real brief and have your work seen by members of industry;
  • Build your portfolio and improve skills by receiving personalized feedback from professionals in your field from every stage of the competition;
  • Experience interview panels with judges from the industry, including big names such as Sumo Digital and Playground Games;
  • This is a chance to get your skills showcased in front of some of the UK’s leading games studios and make a big impression!

We’re currently in the process of putting Rising Star 2018 together – check back in September for more info!