Introducing 1Up Game Jam

We sponsored The University of Birmingham’s Games Development Society’s charity game jam 1Up, where 30 students created 4 games within just 48 hours.


Students were split into teams for the game jam and given a theme of Day and Night. Alongside creating their games, the event featured break activities like creating a voice-over trailer and a guess the game challenge, which gave students the chance to win games.

Submitted games included an alien top-down shooter and a VR game, with the top-down shooter Power Defence taking home the winning title and £40 Steam credit as a prize.

“It was an awesome 48-hour jam and we’re very lucky to have the support of all those involved”, says the event committee.

The winning team

“We hope that participants found it an enjoyable experience.”

Well done to everyone involved!


More information about the event can be found on their blog:

You can also see all the finished games here:


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