Search For A Star & Rising Star 2017 Games Directory


Our 2017 Search For A Star & Sumo Digital Rising Star competition was our biggest yet, seeing a record number of students creating and publishing their own games!


Given just a very basic prototype and a month to develop the game, our students were given the reins for the style and creative direction and took their games in a number of different directions.


In our 2017 games directory, you can find all the games our students created for Search For A Star & Sumo Digital Rising Star, completely free for you to download and play on your PC!


2017 Search For A Star Code


Asteroids 2.0: The Return of the Asteroids 


Christian Burberry


University of Warwick







Macauley Scoffins


University of East Anglia






James Hutchison


University of Central Lancashire


Early Bird


Oliver Shannon-Lepper


University of Bath





Pablo Armando Rodriguez Codes


Goldsmiths, University of London


Epic Quest


Robert Chisholm



University of Hull



Famous Circles


Joseph Veck


Birmingham City University


Firefly Forest 


Adam Wood


University of Hull




Galactic Defence


Nicholas Chilvers


University of Huddersfield




Go Sheeps!


Witold Gawłowski


Goldsmiths, University of London


Graph Flyer


Alex Whaley


University of Bath




Little Devourers


Elliot Bray


University of York






Josh Leland


University of Derby




Scott The Intern 


Harrison Jones


University of St. Andrews


Searching For Stars


Billy Springsteen


Imperial College London




Star Breaker 


Dale Green


University of Huddersfield


Star Wrangler Arena


Kyle Hobdey


University of Central Lancashire





Dalius Grazinskis


University of Edinburgh





2017 Sumo Digital Rising Star Code


Alien Invasion


Robin Van Nunen


NHTV Breda University


Asteroid Pusher


Zoey Suzumiya


University of Sussex



Asteroid Rush


Samuel Potter


Coventry University



Bob’s Nightmare Tennis


James McAdam


University of Aberta



Bomb Repulsion



Gualtiero Vercellotti


University of West England


Capsule of Vengeance: A Bitter Pill for cuboids


Alfred Norton


University of York


Cloud Slayer


Julius Garalevicius


Newcastle University



Cube Invasion


Neil Osbaldeston


University of Central Lancashire


Cube Wranglers


Kieran Webber


University Of Bath



Delta Wars 


Calum McManus


De Montfort University



Drift Fish


Stuart Hayes


University Of Central Lancashire





Thomas Sweetman


Cardiff University





Vlad Ionica


University of Sunderland



Geometrical Escape


Cosmin Dragu


University of Hull






Huw Talliss


University of York



Lodestone playground


Mitch Barnett


De Montfort University



Magnet Collector 



Mikolaj Panasiuk


University of Aberdeen






Ethan Bruins


Southampton Solent University



Magnetism Area 


Jordan Craig


Durham University





James Hookway


University of Birmingham




Vlad-Alexandru Zumer


University of Birmingham



Protect The Portal


Ceejay Smith


Teesside University






Kacper Radzimiński


Aberystwyth University


Red Rancher


Kieran Howlett


Sheffield Hallam University




Search For A Star 



Nabil Sadeg


University of Leeds




Something Fishy This Way Comes


Curtis May


Kingston University



Survival Space


Samuel Benjamin Arnold Jones


University of Central Lancashire





Jamie Davenport


University of Central Lancashire





Matthew Duddington


Goldsmiths, University of London


Under The Breach



Mohamed Dewidar


Nottingham Trent University



Wells & Boxes 


Teodor Gherasim Nistor


University of Southampton





Peter Munn



University of Warwick



Bug Hunt


Henry Bell



Teesside University




Space Adventure 


Jakub Janas


Aberystwyth University


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