It’s Time To Get Excited About Super Powerboy


Pixel Blast’s Super Powerboy is available now on the App Store.

Arcade action game Super Powerboy brings back that feeling of playing games like Mega Man for the first time.

Set in a world that has been taken over by alien invaders, Super Powerboy has to save the day by collecting enough alien power source to power-up and defeat them. As you avoid obstacles and masters levels, you can increase the boy’s abilities by unlocking parts of his Iron Man-esque suit.

“For our first game, we were keen to create something original, a character driven IP that would be creatively innovative with mass appeal,” says creators Pixel Blast.

“The game has been designed from the ground up for touch devices and it really pushes this input mechanism in terms of accessibility and complexity. We really tried hard to make the controls feel right, always giving the player the feeling of being in control.”

Super Powerboy has already received positive reviews after winning second place at Pocket Gamer’s The Very Big Indie Pitch at PGC London 2016. Pocket Gamer were blown away by the game’s stunning art, describing it as “If Pixar made a Mega Man game it would probably look like Super Powerboy.

Technical Director Niall Muldoon tells us “In terms of visual style and tone we were keen to draw inspiration from other media such as animation (Pixar) and children’s literature.”

“Jonny, our Creative Director is a huge fan of Don Bluth and Brad Bird’s work, and the game idea complimented these references. Their work has a timeless quality which we were keen to emulate. In terms of gameplay references, we pulled on a wide range of sources from old classics such as Turrican 2, Monty Mole and Wonder Boy, all the way to more recent games like Crackdown and Rayman. Once we started prototyping, the game took on a direction of its own.”

Super Powerboy is one to get excited about; with 45 handcrafted missions set across 5 distinct locations, the game takes mobile gaming to the next level. And with such beautifully crafted characters and environments, it’s clear why the game has been compared to the likes of Disney and Pixar.

Super Powerboy is available now! You can buy it on the App Store here:

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