The Search For A Star & Rising Star challenges use our standard Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy & Data Usage, with the following additions specific to the entrants of the challenge series;

Entrant eligibility
Entrant must be a current student at a higher education institution at the time of registration (e.g. a university or higher education college), intending to graduate in 2022 or later.
There are no geographical limitations to registration or participation, though our outreach is focused within the UK and Europe, with all challenges and support conducted in English. The finals event will take place within the UK in April 2022. It is presumed you will be able to attend an event in the UK at this time.

Ownership and copyright
Entrants retain full rights to any and all of their work submitted or shown, including works derived from the Development Project in the programming challenge. By participating in the challenges, you permit Grads In Games to distribute access to submitted work for the purpose of assessment, and to display submitted work for illustrative or marketing purposes (e.g. to showcase the games projects, or to promote future activities). For any additional commercial purpose or for purposes beyond the scope of the challenges, we will contact you to discuss this usage and request express permission.

Data usage & Third-party data processing
All registration & ongoing participation data is stored and processed through Google Drive, managed & accessible only to Grads In Games staff.
Some challenge projects will require the additional use of third-party software or platforms, including but not limited to Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Bitbucket and Use of these should be in accordance to their own terms & policies. For both Bitbucket and, this will also be in accordance with a Grads In Games operated account & additionally subject to the terms stated both here and in our standard terms.

Relevant data regarding your challenge submissions will be made accessible to our selected assessment team for the agreed purposes of the challenges (to assess your work).
Any other use of personal data remains as in our standard terms above.

For any questions or enquiries regarding our standard terms, conditions and data policies, please contact

For any questions or enquiries specific to data held for the purpose of Search For A Star, revocation due to withdrawal from the challenges, or for any other reason, please contact