Looking for a paid internship with a top games studio?

We can help you out! In addition to graduate and junior job roles, our huge network of contacts means we’re in a prefect place to arrange great internship roles with studios across the UK games industry.

We’re always working with games developers who offer internships in multiple areas and would be happy to speak to them on your behalf about internship placements for you.

Companies that we work with that have provided games internships through us include:

Microsoft UK, Sumo Digital, Boss Alien, Frontier Developments, Microsoft Rare, EA, Sony, and many more.

If you’d like to talk to us about being an intern with UK games studios, send us an email to interns@gradsingames.com – we’ll even help out with your CV and portfolio to make sure you have the best chance!

Rising Star

Sumo Digital Rising Star

We also run the intern dedicated Sumo Digital Rising Star challenge, the winner of which will be given an exclusive interview for an internship at Sumo Digital. As well as the prospect of an internship with one of the UK’s biggest independent developers, the competition is an excellent showcase of the skills and abilities of student programmers and followed closely by several studios.

You can find out more about the competition and apply now here.