Get In The Game @ Brinsworth Comprehensive

There is an old joke in our house that when we have children we’ll be telling them to put down the medical and law textbooks, turn on their console and start preparing for a sensible career in video games like their father. The team on the graduate desk spend a lot of time with video game studios and students who are quite knowledgeable about the career side of video games.

CJd0jjIWUAA3vXIToday we had the treat of talking to 16-17 year olds at Brinsworth Comprehensive School in South Yorkshire, before they might have even considered a career in games.

Grads In Games’ Mark Hope delivered two sessions covering a basic outline of some of the companies and roles available in the industry, right up to more detailed information about the programming languages and software packages that they need to know.

It was great to talk to students who have a blank book ahead of them and plenty of time to gain the right skills to be the next leaders of the industry.  The Grads in Games initiative continues to educate students from age 16 up about careers in the industry and provides an honest and experienced view of how graduates can Get In The Game.

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