Get In The Game Tour Diary: Wales / South

We’ve just reached our final stop on our Get In The Game 2016 journey: Bournemouth University.


But before we kick off our talk, we’re enjoying some chill time with lecturer Christos Gatzidis, who has kindly treated us to a hot coffee!


It’s been a whirlwind of a tour and we’ve loved meeting so many of you all over the UK.


Joining us now for our final talk are Sean Oxspring and Dan Chambers from nDreams, whose colleagues Alexia and Kristian joined us earlier this morning at Portsmouth.


It’s been fascinating to hear Alexia and Kristian’s journeys into the games industry and learn their top tips, such as the importance of networking.


Earlier in the week we were joined by Viki Johnson, owner of microstudio A Little Red Panda. Viki returned to her old university Plymouth College of Art and shared her personal experience in the games industry. She also spoke about the importance of looking for inspiration outside of games for you next game, including museums, myths, books and galleries!

On Thursday night we spent the evening celebrating James’s birthday – that’s right, he even spent his birthday away on tour! We enjoyed some delicious food with a lovely view of the harbour in Portsmouth.

All in all, it’s been a fab end to a fantastic week of talks. We’re now looking forward to hearing what Sean and Dan from nDreams have to share with us!


Thanks to our speakers this week: Viki Johnson, Alexia Christofi, Kristian Francis, Sean Oxspring and Dan Chambers, and thank you to all the universities for having us: Aberystwyth, Cardiff, Exeter, Plymouth, Plymouth College of Art, Portsmouth and Bournemouth!

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